Letter: Yes on Falmouth Question 1

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Opponents of Falmouth Question 1 say that we cannot take a chance on the library move and community center because the outcome is not certain and the risk is too great. There is risk in all of life, but one thing here is certain: if we don’t grab the opportunity to use these properties for public purposes, we will never be able to do it again. Question 1 opens a great possibility for Falmouth and voters should not turn away from that.

The planners of the proposal have taken steps to limit risk at every point. The costs and revenues have been estimated realistically, with considerable buffer built in. The proposal itself specifies that new taxes cannot be used for the project. Much of the property will shift into private hands and expand the tax base. And if it becomes obvious that the project won’t work, it can be stopped.

Falmouth should support this project by voting yes on Question 1. We can do a great thing for our town.

Joseph W. O’Donnell