Letter: Yes on 1 in Falmouth

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For two years I was a member of the Falmouth Community Facilities Planning Committee whose recommendations to the town were the seed of the upcoming Question 1 referendum. I left that process with admiration for town staff, my fellow committee members and for the town itself. The process was so rigorous, involving so many residents of all walks of life, and participants so varied across the political spectrum, that I left our final meeting confident that all voices had been heard, and knowing that this move was absolutely the right one for Falmouth.

I was additionally filled with pride and some relief in the political process as councilors came to agreement to put a modest version of the proposal on the ballot, making many practical compromises. The most important safeguard added to instill confidence in even the most concerned parties was to insist that the project be funded without using any new property tax revenues to pay for the capital costs.

I urge outspoken opposition members to listen again to residents of our fine town and trust the thoughtful, diligent and unbiased work that we’ve all done together. Read the referendum question and see that this proposal has been carefully written to address all concerns about tax increases. Notice the clause indicating the project will not move forward unless renovations can be completed without new tax revenue. This is a critical opportunity to protect the future of Falmouth and preserve the past. Please Vote yes on Question 1.

Phil Kaplan