Letter: Yarmouth transfer station fee crosses the line

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We read recently that Yarmouth would save $111,000 this next year on waste management. If this is in fact true, then why do we have to be charged $25 per vehicle in a household to use the transfer station? Who can afford to buy more than one? We don’t always use the same vehicle to go to the transfer station. Gone is the flexibility of one of us going if the other is not around. Who are these folks on our Town Council that feel if there are shortfalls in our town’s budget the first thing to do is charge the residents any way they can? First, the transfer station and next will be sewer fees. With a whopping $22 mil rate (the highest around) where is all this money going? Before we bought our home we were told our taxes covered these items, and that is why the mil rate was so high. Is there going to be a refund or tax break for us? Why don’t we, the towns residents, have a vote?

David & Stephanie Wilson