Letter: Yarmouth Town Council fails leadership test

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I am disappointed in Yarmouth Town Council Chairwoman Patricia Thompson, Vice Chairman Robert Waeldner and two others’ lack of leadership during the May meeting. The Town Council had a huge opportunity to nominate a councilor to the Maine Municipal Association Legislative Committee. Unfortunately, they voted against it.

Recently during the budget meeting the council expressed a desire to have a voice in Augusta. There is widespread recognition that the state is shifting more of the burden of paying for public services onto towns through lower revenue sharing and inadequate school funding. The result is steadily increasing property taxes. If all seven members of the council agree on these issues, why would we not want someone bringing these issues to Augusta?

Yarmouth pays dues to be part of MMA, a group that lobbies in Augusta on issues important to Maine towns. By giving up this opportunity, they have failed to provide leadership that Yarmouth needs. Especially on issues we all agree on like property tax relief. If Thompson, Waeldner and other councilors think they are so dysfunctional that that cannot do the job of governing our town and advocating for policies in Augusta that would benefit our town, they should step down and let someone else lead. Yarmouth needs leaders who will advocate for all of us.

Heather Abbott