Letter: Yarmouth tax increases take a toll

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I used to love reading The Forecaster, but as of late I start to dread it. If Yarmouth continues to increase, increase, increase spending it only means raise the property taxes. What is the Town Council’s big vision? Drive all the middle-class families from this town? My husband and I will have lived here four years in September and our taxes have gone up, so far, three of the four years. We both work and like many working-class folks, don’t always see a raise in our incomes year to year. So, why can’t the School Committee and Town Council figure out a way not to have an increase? When I was in school, the key to getting a good education was the teachers, not the availability of school supplies. We moved up here to live in a quiet town to prepare for retirement, but as these taxes keep rising we won’t be able to do it. Such a shame in life.

Stephanie Wilson