Letter: Yarmouth should ramp up recycling

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Do you know that Yarmouth residents throw away about 2,700 tons of trash every year? I did the math and found that this equals bout 649 pounds of trash per person, or about two pounds of trash per person per day on average. That is a lot of trash.

According to the Yarmouth Recycling Committee, people can recycle 60 percent of their household trash. We are not doing a good job because we are only recycling 30 percent. In fact, Falmouth, Cumberland and North Yarmouth are all doing better then Yarmouth.

Most recyclable trash is paper, yard waste and food waste. All of these can be made into good soil through composting.

At Yarmouth Elementary School we are starting to compose paper and vegetable scraps using red wiggler worms. I think people in Yarmouth should start composting at home, too.

Adrian Michalski, Room 304
Yarmouth Elementary School