Letter: Yarmouth should encourage school donations

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Although the Yarmouth Town Council seemed reluctant to accept a resident’s offer of paying his taxes “everyday … and twice on Sunday,” I applaud him for his sense of pride in our school system, and I accept his offer. It is seldom that people step forward to acknowledge the special gift their children receive in the form of an excellent education, and offer to contribute more than what is required in recognition of Yarmouth’s outstanding school system.

In response to his generous offer, I propose that the Yarmouth Town Council establish a “Twice on Sunday Fund” that would allow taxpayers to contribute additional tax payments to the town. I suspect many Yarmouth taxpayers would contribute in some manner to such a noble cause.

I envision that monies from the “Twice on Sunday Fund” could further enhance the educational experience of our children, without placing additional burden on taxpayers. Without further delay let us build on this civic pride and generosity, and let us “spread the wealth.”

Jerry Lord