Letter: Yarmouth resolution is about racism, not politics

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Thank you for reporting on the recent special Yarmouth Town Council meeting that passed the anti-racism resolution. We consider the multiple meetings that led to the council’s final vote healthy and necessary for our community and we applaud the three councilors who brought the issue to the forefront.

Assuming that all of us think alike and see the impact of Charlottesville in the same way is a mistake. Yarmouth, like many other towns is made of diverse people, views and needs. All voices are not always heard, but this issue brought people to the council meetings who aren’t always so vocal. We are some of them.

The article you published tended to emphasize the voices opposed to the resolution. Not only were they the minority, but other speakers pointed out that they missed the essential point of the resolution. It was not about politics, left vs. right, or even about violence; it was about racism and other forms of bigotry. Charlottesville exposed the racism that still exists has even shown itself in Yarmouth, as speakers noted. We came together to denounce racism, bigotry and the hate and violence that come from them. We agree that violence is wrong. The only two sides in this case are racism and bigotry vs. anti-racism and anti-bigotry, not right vs. left.

The council’s resolution speaks for the majority of Yarmouth citizens.

Carla Hunt, Andrew Tonks