Letter: Yarmouth development code raises questions

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Yarmouth’s Comprehensive Plan Implementation Committee published some frequently asked questions pertaining to the new Character-Based Development Code planned for Main Street, plus most of residential Yarmouth. The document, while helpful, could be more forthcoming about density. Our mainland population density is already way above the norm, far exceeding Cumberland, Falmouth and Freeport, and even ahead of Brunswick and Westbrook, according to the 2010 Census. CBDC will add density, with unknown impact on town and school services.

Contrary to current zoning, CBDC will allow small plots of land in people’s back, side, or front yards to be split off and sold, squeezing in more buildings with city-like proximity to neighbors. Access could be a new lane into the property. Neighbors can’t stop this process.

Come out to a CPIC workshop on June 5, 12, and 24 to ask your own questions. If you live in Yarmouth, this will affect your neighborhood or your pocketbook.

Jane Gildart

  • Factshonesty

    Nat talks about DC dysfunction…..look in the mirror. Time for term limits for town managers….too much in one sport in a public office is NEVER a good thing.

  • Jane Gildart

    Correction: the date of the second workshop is the 15th not the 12th.