Letter: Yarmouth can be the next Wiscasset

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Last week’s Forecaster reported on Yarmouth planning officials working hard to evaluate different Route 1 bridge designs for achieving a more Wiscasset-like pace of traffic. If the goal is to restore the look and speed of the past, why turn to space-age engineering?

The town should hire a flock of sheep to graze along Route 1. Sheep would not only maintain roadside grass at little cost, but also encourage carloads of visitors to slow, linger and explore. Periodic meanderings across the public way would regulate traffic in a friendly, charming and organic manner.

Greg Fryer

  • Lisa Wilson

    Not particularly helpful–and sorry, not at all comedic.

  • PKM

    Well enjoy the slow pace I live on the good side of Red’s slow down and never travel south during tourist season if I can help it and never stop in Wiscasset during the summer. It is a zoo and the traffic backs up for miles in either direction. As a former 04096 resident I think you ought to leave well enough alone.