Letter: WPO makes sense for city, state, country

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The Waterfront Protection Ordinance must pass. Oil companies have mislead people and have not cleaned up their previous messes in other areas of the country or in Canada. The WPO will protect aquaculture, tourism and the drinking water of Portland from events due to accidents or negligence in the transportation of tar sands through a pipeline.

The WPO does not restrict any existing business activity. All it does is prevent the building of new oil infrastructure, like smokestacks, that is needed to export tar sands.

Maine’s economy is heavily based on tourism and aquaculture. Don’t endanger this by allowing oil companies to use Maine (or the U.S.) as a conduit for the exportation of tar sands from Canada. The consequences will outlive us. Vote yes on the Waterfront Protection Ordinance.

Joyce A. Polyniak