Letter: Woods misses the value of legislative sentiment

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I read Steve Woods’ column, “The recipe for Maine’s political apocalypse? Blueberry nut bread,” and wondered from where he came. I’m also “from away” and I find that the best part of Maine’s approach to governance is reflected in Sen. Rebecca Millett’s combination of legislative zeal, especially fighting the good fight to support our local and state schools (she serves on the Education Committee), while also recognizing our local students.

Her efforts to individually recognize the varied academic, artistic and/or athletic achievements of our students gives them a positive first connection to their legislator and hopefully an interest in the political process. I think of these acts of sentiment as the epitome of small-state local control and politicians committed to their constituents, rather than a vocational stepping stone to securing votes for the next election and/or higher political ambition and power.

This is clearly not the mainstay of Millett’s work as our legislator, but it is important in that it is meant to encourage and reinforce our students’ endeavors toward excellence. I do not think you can underestimate the value added in an aging state whose future depends on these very students.

Jana Zimmerman
Cape Elizabeth