Letter: Woodbury in Senate District 11

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We are writing in support of Dick Woodbury, who is running for state Senate in District 11. He is an independent who served in the Maine House from 2002 to 2008. We have known Dick for about 15 years and worked on several committees with him.

One of us is a Democrat, the other a Republican, and we both support Dick. He is hard-working and very gifted at clarifying complicated financial issues for the non-economists among us. Dick is thoughtful and knowledgeable about policy issues at a level that we think is rare in the Legislature. His career background as an economist makes him well suited to the challenges Maine faces today. As one of the few independents who have served in the Legislature, Dick has managed to sidestep the distasteful aspects of party politics. He works on issues, rather than partisan positioning, and he does it in a very positive and collaborative way.

Dick’s platform is focused largely on Maine’s economy. Themes of advancing education, restoring competition in health-insurance markets, improving public health, confronting the unfunded liabilities in government, removing barriers to private enterprise, and budgeting with a long-range vision are all components of his policy agenda.

Nancy and Frank Read