Letter: Without guns, evil-doers will still find a way

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I am a gun owner and competition shooter of some 67 years. State Rep. Janice Cooper’s recent Forecaster Forum (“Mass shootings: Is there a tipping point?”) could just as easily been titled “Motor vehicle rage: Is there a tipping point?” Just last week a terrorist killed eight and injured a dozen more with a rental truck. Carnage can be done with many different tools and guns are only one of many.

If Cooper had her way and every gun was taken from us, these mass killing would continue by some other method. The gun she so obviously dislikes is simply a tool, just as is a vehicle, a bomb or other similar device. Does she want to eliminate all such tools?

Cooper is the typical liberal who only sees her view of guns and not that guns are just one of dozens of ways to cause mass violence. The problem is the evil intent of people who do not have a moral code.

I question her statement that she learned about guns. Her “I did” is devoid of any specifics and raises many questions. I have been around guns for almost 70 years and taught hunter safety in Maine for many years. I have yet to shoot anyone or be shot at, but my credentials are huge compared to hers on this issue, so believe me when I say she is very wrong about her philosophy regarding firearms.

George Fogg
North Yarmouth