Letter: Why the silence from Beem?

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Not a word from Edgar Allen Beem about why there was so many problems getting health care passed – after all, Democrats are in the majority, at least until the next election, and many Democrats started asking question like the Republicans did, about what really is in the Pelosi and Reid monstrosity and why was so much stonewalling going on.

Not a word about the liberal lies – we are going to put 30 to 40 million more in the system with the same amount of doctors and facilities, yet there will not be a doctor shortage or rationing and the debt will not balloon.

Not a word about one of the Democrats’ large voting blocks – trial lawyers who also feed on the system; we only hear about the insurance companies. Not a word about how the abortion-rights crowd would kill the bill if they do not get what they want.

Sean Hannity is a broadcast bully – not a word about the viscous left wing attack dogs on MSNBC. FOX News is huge and still growing. It didn’t get that way because Roger Ailes is a genius, it got that way because many people needed a network to go to find out what the Lame Stream Media is under-reporting, not reporting and distorting.

The health-care bill is so good that there had to be closed-door meetings, excluding those that talk back, and there had to be sleazy deals with certain Democratic senators to get enough votes. Not a word about that from Beem.

Corey Hammond