Letter: Who needs politics?

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Many people seem to think that if they don’t like politics then they just will not need to get involved; maybe it will go away. The truth is that politics happen to everyone, whether you are looking or not. Politics affect our daily life, and that of our children. Politicians, although many do sacrifice their time and talents, set the rules and regulations for us. Political figures are ready and willing to make laws that may be important to them, against things you may not believe are right, or helpful to you and yours.

Between now and November, there is plenty of time to check out the candidates, and decide the ones you would choose to run our government, our personal lives, and who stands for our ideals and the freedom to which we have been accustomed. Do you care that you may lose the things you hold dear by allowing any Tom, Dick or Harriet to step in and get that opportunity to pass legislation you do not want? We have the opportunity that many people in the world crave, to elect a person who fits our ideals or comes closest to them. And there are some wonderful possibilities out there, may they be recognized for what and who they are, and what they have accomplished. It means involvement, it means research, it means we have to stop, look and listen.

Mary Bakke
North Yarmouth