Letter: Welcome to Falmouth?

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Last year, the office building in Yarmouth in which we were located burned to the ground. After looking at many locations, Route 1 in Falmouth seemed to offer just what we needed. After the trauma of being burned out, we mentally committed ourselves to being positive about the forced relocation.

Soon after outfitting our offices, I received what is probably a standard mailing to new businesses in Falmouth: a request to calculate my tax bill on business property. We are not looking for an exemption or special treatment; it just seemed a little cold as my first contact with Falmouth Town Hall. Probably no Falmouth town employee tracks arrival of new businesses to Falmouth, so they would not have known our somewhat unique circumstances, anyway.

Although not a resident of Falmouth, I plan to be a good corporate citizen of Falmouth and will encourage other employers to see “For Lease” signs as “Welcome” signs. And, maybe a little note, or pertinent town information from a town official along with that immediate tax notice might soften its message.

I am pleased to hear that an economic development committee is being considered by the Town Council. I hope that some business owners will be considered for membership and that the committee’s success is measured by less vacant space, more employment opportunities and entrepreneurs pleased to pay those taxes from an improved Falmouth business climate.

Darla Hamlin, president
Soft Trac, Falmouth