Letter: We need climate action before it's too late

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I have been drawn to my TV this week, watching in horror as one natural disaster gave way to another. I have experienced many a hurricane, because I grew up in Houston, but none like Harvey. And Florida has encountered the most powerful hurricane ever recorded in the Atlantic. Consequently, I donate to relief agencies and call friends and family to see if they are OK, but I feel we all must do more.

Yes, and science confirms this, climate change is involved. Extreme weather results in extreme costs to us all, with the southern states often suffering the most. Warmer sea surface temperatures make hurricanes more powerful and do more damage. As the world becomes warmer more water evaporates from oceans into the air, creating heavier precipitation and more flooding. Sea-level rise caused by climate change increases storm surge from hurricanes.

I’m taking more steps toward a less-frightening future. I am trying to limit my own carbon footprint, so as not to put even more greenhouse gas into the air. I am also active in environmental organizations. I would be grateful if ya’ll (Texas talk) join in too, since we are all on this fragile planet together. It would be great if the United States takes a leadership role in addressing this problem. We are all ultimately responsible for our actions, and they will come back to haunt us, and future generations even more. So, let’s act now. It’s never too late to prevent things from becoming even worse.

Lois Howlett