Letter: We need alternative energy sources

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A topic that continues to pique my interest is the global dilemma of resources. Whether it’s in class, or on the news, the depletion of resources is a problem that seems to be yearning for answers. Resources such as fossil fuels and water are decreasing in supply and the demand is steadily increasing. This is a problem that requires much more action than talking. Listening to TED talks and seeing things on the news about people making a difference is encouraging, but there is a long way to go. I think that the place to start with this subject is finding alternative energy sources to replace some of the harmful and dwindling resources used today. Discovering new ways to power our cars, homes, and workplaces will make a big difference. The deficiency of resources in our world is something that I find great interest in. It is something current, and a concern that needs attention now. The predictions of where our world will be in the next half decade aren’t great, but that’s only if we let it be that way. With precautions taken I believe we can create a more efficient, sustainable world.

Wilson MacMillan