Letter: Wage-earners should support Michaud, Bellows

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Some businesses think that paying workers more than the current minimum wage will hurt the bottom line. But most economists disagree, and believe that increasing the minimum wage has a positive effect on the overall economy. When people make more money they have the ability to spend more money. They can pay off what they owe, and purchase more products or services. The business that pays a higher wage also benefits; employee morale, productivity and customer service improve. Costs associated with turnover, absenteeism and training are reduced.

Consumer spending is the driving force on our economy. Gov. Paul LePage opposes a minimum wage hike. Sen. Susan Collins voted against raising the minimum wage. But U.S. Rep. Mike Michaud and Shenna Bellows have both pledged their strong support for increasing the minimum wage at the state and national levels.

On Election Day, vote for the economy, vote for Michaud and Bellows.

Marjorie DeSanctis