Letter: Voting registration rights are not extreme

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I am puzzled to learn that my activities to solicit signatures for the peoples veto of LD 1376, the law that eliminates same-day voter registration in Maine, makes me a “left-wing extremist,” according to the recent Forecaster Forum by Rep. Heather Sirocki, R-Scarborough.

Just to let all of you those interested in returning to the voting rights disenfranchisement of the Jim Crow days know, I’m 54 years old, run a small business in Maine and I’m proud of my life-long activism on behalf of civil rights, environmental protection and social justice.

Back in the day, when Nixon was authorizing his dirty tricks, I was labeled a “Commie pinko.” Nowadays, from the bleak frozen-hearted anti-social wasteland where the right wing is now camped, I guess that everyday mainstream tax-paying guys like me probably do look like extremists. Go figure. The times, the have a-changed.

Steve Hadik