Letter: Voting for the opposition isn't a sign of laziness

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In response to Steve Woods’ column last week (“Intentionally Unreasonable: Americans have created a lazy democracy”), in which he characterized Donald Trump and Gov. Paul LePage’s victories as Americans being lazy, is disrespectful of the will of the people to elect such leaders.

In the American Revolution, my ancestor fought under Gen. Washington, was captured by the British and escaped. The U.S. government denied him until death a pension because of paperwork red tape. Last year, my father, Col. Daniel Lycan, was diagnosed with terminal cancer. Despite having helped land a man on the moon, two tours in Vietnam and ending the Cold War, he could not get proper benefits from the Veterans Administration. Bernie Sanders was the Senate committee chairman in 2014 and presided over the VA scandal. I provided for my father myself all the way until death. We have two wonderful children that are leading the U.S. Army and I’m about to tell them to get out unless we get a leader that will take care of them.

Fortunately I have a choice to vote for whom I believe is most likely to do so.

Daniel Lycan Jr.