Letter: Votes for Democrats are votes for health care

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Today 70,000 Mainers live in fear because they cannot afford needed health care. Five times Gov. Paul LePage has vetoed bills that would help them by allowing Maine to accept available Federal funds. And those dollars – $3 billion over 10 years – go directly to Maine’s hospitals, doctors and others who provide care.

Mike Michaud will seek federal funds to help the poorest among us and the health-care providers who serve them. But he cannot do it alone. He needs legislative support. That is why Brunswick voters need to elect Mike and our candidates who support MaineCare expansion.

A vote for Democrats Michaud, Sen. Stan Gerzofsky, Rep. Mattie Daughtry, Ralph Tucker and Jay McCreight is a vote to assure the poorest among us have access to the health services they need. And it’s a vote for the health-care jobs that $3 billion in federal funds will support.

Trish Riley