Letter: Votes for Cutler won't be wasted

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Like many voters, I want my vote to count toward making Maine a prosperous, vibrant state with a great educational system, a positive business environment, an affordable health-care system, a balanced budget, reasonable taxes and plentiful job opportunities.

The only gubernatorial candidate that can achieve these goals is Elliot Cutler. His administrative experience, his knowledge about budgeting and regulations, and his understanding of the issues that relate to energy and the environment are unparalleled. More importantly, as an independent, he is not divisive. He is an articulate, rational professional who knows how to listen, negotiate and work with state and federal governments. His experience working with corporations both within and outside the country can only benefit in attracting investments to Maine.

Cutler has defined a clear plan that addresses the duplication in Maine’s higher educational system, the obstacles to attracting new business, the uncontrollable high taxes and the cost of energy. He recognizes the importance and value of our natural resources and its relation to our tourist industry. He inspires confidence and trust.

I firmly believe that a vote for any of Cutler’s opponents is a disastrous vote that either will create gridlock in Augusta or impede Maine’s future solvency. If all the dissatisfied or undecided Mainers vote for Cutler, he can and will succeed and we will all share in the benefits. A vote for Cutler is a vote that counts.

Susan Blackburn