Letter: Vote to end Falmouth's liberal legacy

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The upcoming Falmouth town elections are critical. For most of the 15 years I have lived here, the direction of the town committees, led by “progressive liberals” effectively forced town councils to raise taxes for wants, not needs. But recent council elections of fiscal conservatives with common sense has finally threatened that “progressive liberal” group and its agenda requiring higher taxes and more restrictions on private property. That left-leaning group is feeling the heat. They fear Falmouth taxpayers are about to say no to more taxes caused by ill-conceived plans. The false accusations and acrimony in the election is due to scare tactics from these progressives. Don’t let them have their way. Vote no on Question 1.

Regarding no “new” taxes if Question 1 passes: what is $1.5 million of excess “undesignated reserves” that will be spent? These taxes should not have been collected. They were not needed. We voters were asleep at the switch. We are not sleeping now. Vote no on 1.

Your school budget shows “nothing’s too good for Falmouth.” Your taxes will increase nearly 7 percent. An inaccurate claim that this is due to bond interest has circulated. The truth is the School Board didn’t prepare for the loss of “windfall” stimulus money. New direction is needed in the School Board and I hope you will vote for Jan Andrews, Eydie Pryzant and Analiese Larson and vote against the school budget.

Bill Gardiner