Letter: Vote no to save the Falmouth bus

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I’m sorry to see the national trend in political debate, which I’ll delicately call misleading, has trickled down to Falmouth. Among the signs sprouting ahead of Election Day, “Stop the Empty Bus” caught my eye. Empty? Really? Annual ridership is more than 78,900 and climbing every year.

Whenever I get on, the bus is between a quarter and completely full. I like arriving in Portland on time, unstressed by parking hassles, and having caught up on my reading.

It’s a mystery to me why we spend so much time and treasure debating a service that is enjoyed by significant numbers; provides a lifeline to those who cannot drive; should be integral to the town’s business development plan for attracting customers and employees, and costs the average household $1.69 a month.

Public transport is a basic function for a town. Save the bus; vote no on Falmouth Question 1.

Thomas Urquhart