Letter: Vote no on Question 2 in Portland

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Question 2 on Portland’s municipal ballot is undemocratic. It would give just a handful of Portland residents the right to stop opportunities to build affordable or market-rate housing, invest in key infrastructure, and create businesses, all of which are crucial to Portland’s growth and sustainability.

Question 2 would allow 25 percent of residents living within 500 feet of the proposed zoning change to block the change simply by signing a petition opposing the change. It requires no notice, no public hearing, no debate and no discussion with the supporters or elected officials. Only if supporters of the change can secure signatures from a majority of residents within 1,000 feet of the proposed zoning change, the block can be overturned. This petition process is non-transparent and secretive. It’s not how our democracy should work.

I urge you to vote no on Question 2 in Portland.

Mike Boyson