Letter: Vote no on 1 in Cumberland

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I would like to urge the residents of Cumberland to vote no on Question 1. After reviewing all of the material offered by the group trying to make changes to our existing regulations, I see absolutely no valid reason to change. Rather than improve our way of life the proposed changes would negatively effect the majority of Cumberland residents, stifle all new construction, private and commercial, and send a clear anti-business message to existing, and any prospective business owners thinking of opening in Cumberland. The state of Maine may be open to business, but the town of Cumberland would appear closed.

Some of the information presented by the the group trying to change the regulations appears to be without merit and in some cases blatantly false. It would appear that a small group of people are trying to stop a legal project that they don’t want, under the guise that we have a town-wide problem. Some of the current rules and regulations they want changed have been in effect since the 1950s, now all of a sudden those rules need to be changed to accommodate a few people. We have rules and regulations and an elected Town Council and Planning Board to enforce those rules. We do not not need a few disgruntled residents rewriting regulations to the detriment of the majority. Do you really want a handful of people deciding what you can do and can’t do on your property?

Colby Green