Letter: Vote for Sweet in Democratic primary

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Our political system is broken. In polling, over 90 percent of Americans believe money has corrupted American politics and politicians represent their donors more than their constituents. The corruption inherent in our private campaign financing system takes the form of an inequality of influence. Moneyed interests are eroding prosperity and opportunity, intentional or not, by closing doors behind them and consolidating wealth and power to a dangerous degree.

It is unsustainable but we can do something about it. We do have a choice. This year we have the historic opportunity to vote for a candidate for governor who will be beholden to only the people of Maine. This candidate is the only Democratic candidate for governor who is financing their campaign using Maine’s Clean Election program, which she helped create in the 1990s. Please join me in voting for Elizabeth “Betsy” Sweet in the June primary and in November.

Andrew Favreau