Letter: Volk is too far right for Scarborough

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Amy Volk is too extreme for Scarborough.

In a town that takes great pride in its school system, Volk proposed legislation that would pay parents (out of tight school budgets) to send their children to religious schools. She sponsored far right-wing ALEC-inspired legislation to create virtual charter schools (funded from already stressed school budgets). Virtual charter schools have proven to be profitable to the owners, not the students.

Volk is anti-women and anti-choice, proposing legislation that would have created “personhood” for a fetus.

Amy Volk has voted in support of the extreme right-wing tea party administration of Paul LePage 92 percent of the time. This is an appalling record. We cannot stand by and let Volk and LePage ruin Scarborough.

Paul Aranson will return Augusta to real Maine values. I’ve already voted for Aranson in District 127. I hope you will too.

Matt Powell