Letter: View from Chicago: Leave RSU 5

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I graduated from Freeport High School in 2008 and am now a teacher myself. Regional School Unit 5 has eliminated the things that inspired both my sister and me educationally, such as GT classes. It replaced educational innovation, which was a hallmark of the Freeport schools, with things like teach-to-the-test AP classes.

Consolidation has not saved Freeport taxpayers money; the RSU costs have been high in several ways. Middle management and legal fees have gone up, yet we no longer pay teachers competitively. How long before the talented new hires leave for a better opportunity?

This slide towards mediocrity has cost us many high-achieving students who inspire their classmates. It cost us their parents, who are some of our best advocates for education. My own sister left FHS for a more challenging and innovative program in a neighboring district.

We can turn this ship around. I urge you to vote yes on withdrawal.

Eliza Bryant
Chicago, Illinois