Letter: Unanswered questions about Bath hospital sale

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Bath city government is hiding facts from us about the sale of the old Bath hospital. We should know a lot more, and their refusal to tell us suggests they’ve been caught doing something they shouldn’t have.

The city assessed the property at more than $6.5 million for 2012. They sold the property for $799,000. I’ve repeatedly asked the city manager and city councilors for information about how the value was set, if the property was ever advertised, and if the property was ever even listed. They wouldn’t answer. If you look at all the City Council minutes for 2013, the very first mention of this sale was the date of its approval.

The manager sent me to the city’s Realtor, and he won’t answer either. When I finally sent a plea to all the councilors for information, the only voice of reason has been David Sinclair, who urged the council to delay completion of the sale until all questions are answered.

This whole situation smells funny. I want to know who is responsible, why the City Council allowed this travesty, and how it plans to fix it. Bath City Council wants a 5 percent property tax increase this year to raise less than a million dollars, so they don’t have millions of dollars to throw away.

We all deserve full answers from our city government before this sale is completed. It’s our money being wasted. For all our sakes, I hope Sinclair’s proposal is followed and the sale is delayed.

Larry Scott