Letter: U.S. must return to its political 'Center'

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Last time I checked in, I complained vociferously about John Balentine. But how about Edgar Allen Beem writing last week that he trusts Kim Jong Un with nukes more than he does Donald Trump? While I utterly loathe Trump, he didn’t have his uncle killed, assassinate his half brother, lethally purge his staff, or purposefully starve millions of his fellow citizenry. Not that Trump isn’t off the rails, but for Beem to make that comparison is staggeringly out-of-touch, like much of the Left. Free college, free health care, free puppies, free everything – nice of you to offer, Bernie Sanders, while you own three houses.

As for the empathy-free Balentine, I’m glad he’ll be prepared for our next blizzard, which, if equated to Hurricane Harvey, would dump 43 feet of snow (assuming the standard rain-to-snow ratio of 10:1.) And sure, it’s easy for Houston’s poor people to stock up on cases of canned Vienna sausages and pontoon boats. Especially all the children born into poverty – or even the socioeconomically more fortunate, who also lost lives, homes, and much of their belongings in the epic deluge.

When will the Left realize it is a cracked-mirror image of the Right? Yet both are so far out on the extremes, they practically reach around the other side and touch, as anti-vaxxers, government conspiracy theorists, Neo-Nazis and riotous Antifa.

Until this nation gravitates to the near-Center, our radical divisions will fester further, unimaginably. Translation: Just say no to the Civil Cold War.

Kris Eric Kucera
North Yarmouth