Letter: U.S. EPA deserves our thanks, support

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Casco Bay is one of Maine’s most prized ecosystems. The bay’s beauty and flourishing ecology provide recreational, fishing, and tourism opportunities. We must remember that the bay was not always the flourishing bay it is now. Before the 1970s the bay suffered from severe pollution. Years of hard work are to be thanked for the cleanup.

The EPA created both the 1972 Clean Water Act and a partnership with the state, local businesses, citizens, and local organizations that worked to protect the bay, known as the Casco Bay Estuary Partnership. I am grateful for the hard work the state and EPA have done so that we may celebrate and take advantage of good water quality, clean beaches, and a flourishing ecosystem that includes mussels, clams, lobsters and birds. The EPA’s funds, structure, and expertise were essential in restoring the best qualities of Casco Bay.

The EPA must continue its work to monitor and reduce toxic pollution, the effects of ocean acidification due to climate change, boat discharge, road runoff, and broken septic system pollution, especially in these times of increased population. Let us join together in both supporting and thanking the EPA.

Katherine Kirk
Environment Maine