Letter: U.S. 'digital totalitarianism' goes unpunished

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As America celebrated July 4, the world found itself under siege by America. In ages past, violations of the Fourth and First amendments – massive totalitarian spying on Americans and the world authorized by President Obama, rubber-stamped by Congress and implemented by NSA – would be dubbed “Cybergate.” Forty years ago, American news editors would rise to defend Constitutional rights being eviscerated by those who exploit the Patriot Act for despotic purposes. In ages past, NSA’s Gen. Keith Alexander and Director of National Intelligence James Clapper would be forced to resign. In ages past, the president would be impeached.

Today, news editors of mainstream U.S. media cower, defend violators of the Fourth Amendment (DoD, NSA, CIA, White House, Congress, corporate America), whitewash illegalities, find a red herring and demonize whistle-blowers (Edward Snowden). Why? Because U.S. mainstream media, like Microsoft, AT&T, Yahoo, Google, AOL, Apple and other hi-tech U.S. firms, are complicit in the operation.

In ages past, America’s digital totalitarianism would be dismantled along with its Stasi of hi-tech corporations.

But in today’s America, Thomas Paine would be drowned in the Schuylkill and Paul Revere would be arrested, carted to Boston Common, and hanged.

Michael T. Bucci