Letter: TV sensationalized Bath school story

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I would like to publicly compliment Morse High School Principal Peter Kahl on his efforts to promote awareness and action in dealing with our regional substance abuse problem. When Mr. Kahl received this years Drug and Alcohol Survey report, he realized that in spite of the many efforts being undertaken by the school and community to reduce and eliminate substance abuse, more needed to be done. In an effort to do this he sought media support in publicizing a call for action against substance abuse. The results were mixed. Channel 13’s report showed a lack of journalistic professionalism that focused more on shocking and lurid phrases and images then a real concern for the issue.

Mr. Kahl did what we want our leaders to do, shared information and encouraged the community to join his institution in addressing a serious problem that is centered in the larger community. I am not aware of any other district that has had the courage to share their own results in such a proactive a public manner. Instead of support his attempt has garnered a black eye from an indifferent media for his school. I have heard that cutbacks in staff have left reporters unable to sufficiently research their stories, but surely any news department that is committed to the well-being of their community would have done a better job of engaging this serious, complicated and challenging issue. Let’s work together and meet the challenges our community faces.

Mark Carignan, guidance counselor
Morse High School, Bath