Letter: Turf field vital for new Mt. Ararat HS

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The new Mt. Ararat High School needs a synthetic turf field. Field space is at a premium and the current field is overused for only six months a year. A synthetic turf field will provide maximum playability and year-round use for all.

Depending upon where you live, the cost to install the surface actually translates to a couple dollars per year. We will pay significantly more to install turf at a later time. For pennies a day, physical education teachers can get kids outside more often during the school days, event cancellations become less likely, and safety and playability of the surface remains constant.

While future replacement is necessary, it is reasonable to believe that today’s new fields, through innovation and technology, could last 15 years or beyond. Even grass fields run the risk of needing major replacement over time, costing hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Research continues on whether or not crumb rubber made from ground-up used tires is a safe infill choice. Deemed safe or not, crumb rubber is not the only potential infill and alternative products are available and being considered. The field does not have to be filled with a substance that is of concern and there is time to determine the best option.

The new field will be just as important to the educational experience at Mt. Ararat as the building. The time our students spend on these outdoor areas provide ample learning opportunities and life lessons. It’s time to invest and move our grounds into the future.

Geoff Godo, athletic director
Mt. Ararat High School