Letter: Trump policy puts special interests first

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Donald Trump and Scott Pruitt are taking aim at the EPA’s Energy Star Certification program. Really? Seriously? This is a program that gives consumers information they can use to choose appliances that will reduce their energy bills over the life of the appliance. It costs the EPA a few million dollars to run, but saves consumers billions of dollars. Eliminating the program seems likely to increase consumer utility bills; anything that boosts the use of energy is evidently OK with Scott Pruitt and his fossil fuel cronies. And Trump? I guess it’s just another way for him to turn his back on the voters who elected him.

Susan Goodwin

  • peterplus

    Trump is operating under a very compelling governing dynamic. He knows that the vast majority of people who elected him are so stupid they will believe anything he tells them. This is brilliance on his part and breathtaking ignorance on the part of those who support him. Including Mr. Pence and Paul Ryan, two men who will go down as the greatest cowards ever to walk across the American political landscape.