Letter: Trump is the problem, not the cure

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Nearly 64 million people watched the second presidential debate. That’s a reduction from the first debate (possibly due to “Sunday Night Football,” Hurricane Mathew, or election-induced depression), but that’s still a lot of Americans.

Much of what was said during the debate would not be tolerated in my classes. I am continuously amazed and perturbed by Donald Trump’s position on the war on terror. The reason many intelligent people refuse to call ISIL “Islamic terrorism” is because it is not Islamic terrorism – it is radical terrorism that insane individuals excuse by citing a peaceful religion. Trump is incapable of understanding this distinction. This is one example of many in which Trump actively contributes to the cause of the problem he claims to be solving.

As a student, the prospect of Trump influencing the actions of children during their formative years through hate speech and marginalization of minorities is deeply troubling.

Sammy Potter
Yarmouth High School junior