Letter: Trump cheated, lied his way to election

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Donald Trump’s presidency will not be legitimate because he cheated. He bullied and lied (58 times) his way to the nomination. He is on record as having serially molested women. His blatant racism and bigotry has unleashed unprecedented numbers of hate crimes. He is a foul-mouthed manipulative phony who has a history of fraud, violation of business contracts and a secret income tax history that may well demonstrate not only deep debt to foreign governments, but also the possibility that his debt exceeds his assets.

Add to all that Trump’s ample borrowing from Hitler’s playbook of scapegoating ethnic populations, promoting false allegations against his enemies, nationalizing the press and promising a great future after the devastation of World War II. And now we have growing evidence that the FBI and Russia influenced the election in favor of Trump.

Our friends who resent the persistence of the Democrat complaint, mistaking our deep and painful grief for whining, might consider that their objection arises from a frantic buyer’s remorse and dread of the “birds of a feather” stain that comes with support for Trump.

Art DiMauro