Letter: Traffic pattern on Congress St. in Portland doesn't work

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I live in Stroudwater. On my way home from work, I take a left off Congress Street onto Waldo Street, utilizing the new left turn lane. I now have to wait longer because there is one steady stream of cars coming towards me. With two lanes, I was able to turn faster. I understand that traffic does back up when someone is turning left off of Congress Street, but it never took me more than a minute. In the morning, I have to wait longer to take a right onto Congress Street because there is only one lane of traffic to turn into.

I work with a woman who turns left off of Westbrook Street onto Congress Street on her way to work and she says that the backup down Westbrook Street is much longer because there is only one lane to turn onto Congress Street.

Driving westbound on Congress Street, after the light at Stevens Avenue, it goes down to one lane by merging into the right lane. Historically, the right lane leading up to Stevens Avenue is backed up because so many motorists take a right onto Stevens Avenue. Those of us who are going straight through this light typically stay in the left lane to avoid the backup. With the new striping, having to almost immediately merge into the right lane makes for dangerous travel and high frustrations.

I strongly urge the state to reconsider this new traffic pattern and change it back.

Heather Gosch