Letter: Too much risk in legalizing marijuana

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I’ve been dismayed by the misinformation that “pot is safer than alcohol,” “pot can cure certain diseases” and “ pot is not addictive.”

Making marijuana more available to adults will increase its access for younger people. In states where marijuana is legalized, it is now available as candies and pastries, which are attractive to children; this has led to increased accidental toxic ingestions. Research shows that the parts of the brain affected by marijuana are still developing even as a person reaches the mid-20s. Young people who use marijuana regularly develop impaired memory and concentration, and have lower IQs. Regular marijuana use is also linked to psychological problems such as anxiety, paranoia, panic attacks and hallucinations. It also contributes to poorer lung health and adult drug dependence.

Let’s be honest about the risks associated with marijuana and maintain the health of the young people of Maine. Vote no on Question 1.

Dr. Christine Bennett