Letter: To Beem, some rights are more right than others

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For someone who proclaims that he doesn’t care about the right to bear arms, Edgar Allen Beem wrote a great deal about this exact subject in his column, “Sick of guns, sick of intimidation.” And for someone who doesn’t care about this part of the U.S. Constitution, it is amazing just how many rights he would like to strip away from other law-abiding citizens.

I have to wonder what his vocabulary would be like if he was unable to use the word “no.”

Ethan Jones

  • EABeem

    I said I was not concerned about the right to bear arms because, unlike Gun Owners of Maine, I do not see it as threatened in any meaningful way. I am not sure how anyone gets from advocacy for universal background checks to loss of individual liberties, confiscation of firearms and rampant government tyranny. Just because someone support background checks, as the majority of Americans do, does not mean they are opposed to lawful gun ownership. They just want to make sure we do everything possible to assure that guns don’t get into the wrong hands.

    • James Post

      We have to be very careful in using polls to back up our viewpoints. Most polls show opposition to accepting more Syrian refugees. Citing polls when they favor our views, and then not taking them into account when they oppose us is, to put it mildly, a double standard. Polls can be cited to see what is politically doable at a particular time, but that is where I believe their value ends when discussing why a viewpoint is the correct one.

  • CalmPerspective

    I find the response to Beem’s article on gun registration quite breathtaking. It’s astonishing to see just how many people stampede to put words in his mouth in the comments section of that article. He called for a stricter stance on registration, so that every gun sale had to be registered and have a background check.

    Nowhere did he suggest taking away people’s guns, and nobody has ever put forth a serious proposal to do that, that I have heard of. Yet, despite the lack of effort to take away guns, it seems as if virtually every commenter in that article treats Beem as if he had said that people need to be forcibly divested of their guns by jackbooted government agents, despite the fact that -nobody- is advocating that.

    Let’s try to stop going off half-cocked, eh?

    • EABeem

      Thank you. A voice of reason.

    • Kevin McCarthy

      It was also interesting how many commentators characterized the “gun-show loophole ” as a lie or nonexistent, but then proceeded to describe the very thing itself. Even if it doesn’t happen often enough to worry about in the view of these folks, it does still happen, and its abuse could be potentially devastating.