Letter: Tired of Falmouth critic's behavior

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I’ve had enough of Michael Doyle’s ill-tempered criticism of Falmouth town employees.

Doyle has cost the town for police protection, legal fees and many wasted employee hours. Now he adds threats to employees he wants to do his bidding, while adding stress and resentment to those who are his targets. Yet, Doyle says he’s not doing this for attention, or to harass anyone. At the same time he characterizes town answers to his fishing explorations as “incomplete or lies.”

What kind of a person behaves this way?

Falmouth is one of the best towns in Maine. Has there been any wrongdoing? Any misuse of public funds? Any waste stopped and money saved? Or are we the victims of an angry, mean-spirited gadfly aspiring to “greatness” by tearing down those who are competently doing their jobs? I’ve heard enough from a convicted felon who blames his plight on his lawyers he “trusted.” It is not the town’s job to rebuild Doyle’s trust in others. Doyle needs to stop undermining and harassing the entire town of Falmouth. His actions are as far away from “just trying to do the right thing by the town” as one can get.

Philip McCormick