Letter: Time to put aside Yarmouth's 'dam issue'

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As someone who hopes to buy a house in Yarmouth in the near future, I keep an ear to the ground on local politics. I was surprised to here that the “dam issue” (pardon the pun) is back in play. I don’t understand why anybody would want to remove those Royal River dams. By removing the dams you put several businesses in danger. The businesses on that river employ over 100 employees in total, me being one of them. That is 100 people shopping in your stores, using your local doctors, and some even buying houses to become Yarmouth taxpayers. Fish, seems to be the main reason. Well come down to the river this spring and watch the river literally boiling with fish. You can practically walk from Yarmouth Boatyard to Royal River Boatyard and not get you feet wet due to the amount of fish. Come on Town Council, think about what is best for Yarmouth.

Jerry Farnham