Letter: Time to move on from Falmouth candidate's past

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The Falmouth School Board election has an elephant in the room: Michael Doyle. Whether you like him or not, agree or disagree with him, Doyle has conducted an issue-based campaign. He has knocked on doors, meeting and listening to the electorate. He has done his homework on the issues and reported his findings. He has not hidden his past legal problems and has addressed them. Yet, based on the final statements in the candidate interviews, it seems that he is expected to continue to “serve time” in the public arena. Historically, has a bankruptcy/crime question been posed to candidates by The Forecaster? Is this a new standard inquiry to be made in all future interviews? Or is it a question based on trying to influence voters against Mike Doyle? Is having paid your debt to society no longer the American way? Good luck to each who wins their respective race. Thank you in advance for your service. Let’s keep it a fair playing field.

Julie MacDonald