Letter: Time for changes in Scarborough

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As I see the taxes at my Pine Point beach house increase at a ridiculous rate, and the Town Council enacts equally ridiculous restrictions to dogs on our beaches, I wonder what’s next? No people on the beaches? The even more frustrating part is that I can’t vote these people off the council as I am not a full-time resident of Scarborough. The homeowners of Pine Point, Higgins Beach and Prouts Neck pay a great amount in taxes and the majority of us have no say in local policies and rules.

The council continually passes ordinances that police do not enforce. Examples are smoking and drinking on the beaches, the fireworks ordinance, and the previous dog ordinances.

I urge Scarborough residents to recall any restrictions to our beaches and public parks and while you are at it, vote in a new Town Council.

Alise Koocher