Letter: Thomas in Senate District 10

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It’s well known that Maine is in the highest tier for tax burden, and the lowest tier for business friendliness. Clearly, we face an unsustainable future.

This is the consequence of the stifling policies and over-regulation of a Democrat majority that has ruled the state for 35 years. They have overburdened a vibrant resource based economy and collapsed it into a coughing and sputtering failure, barely able to fund our demise.

Maine demographics are in tragic decline; our young people, who should be building families, businesses, and futures here, leave the state as soon as they are able, seeking promise and prosperity elsewhere.

Scott Thomas of Freeport is challenging entrenched incumbent Sen. Stan Gerzofsky for the Senate District 10 seat. Scott has the wisdom, experience, and demeanor of a confident leader. He knows that the failed policies of the past 35 years have brought us to this crisis of decline, and cannot lift us back to a desirable and sustainable future.

Scott recognizes, like the rest of us, that lifetime legislators like Stan Gerzofsky, seeking his 11th and 12th consecutive years in office, are more interested in preserving their own power, rather than reversing the decline of Maine’s fortunes.

Join me in electing Scott Thomas our state senator, so he can bring leadership and fresh thinking to Augusta, restore Maine’s spirit, and secure a bright future for all.

Pem Schaeffer