Letter: Think twice about Falmouth business limits

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I oppose the 50,000-square-foot restriction on business tenant sizes in Falmouth.The restriction places an unnecessary burden on already underutilized property within our town, and further limits re-use of currently conforming properties.

In addition, the current debate exacerbates uncertainty for property owners, businesses managers within Falmouth, and those considering moves to Falmouth.The debate and proposed use restrictions will only further hinder reinvestment in our community and property owner stewardship.

The Town Council and town planning staff would better serve the residents of Falmouth if they focused their efforts on creating an environment of incentives to achieve its vision for Route 1, rather than creating impediments.

As a small business owner and Falmouth resident, I would hesitate to consider relocating to Falmouth given the labyrinth of ordinances, and ever-increasing uncertainty in town policy development, which in short order could destroy any apparent economic benefit and add unforeseeable costs and risks.

The Town Council should reconsider its direction.

Erik Wiberg