Letter: Think carefully about 'smart' meters

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Our primary electricity provider, Central Maine Power, is offering us three “smart meter” choices.

We can select the free unit that sends and receives thousands of amplified wireless signals a day between our meter and a third-party company that traps and sells our data with us paying for the electricity to send this data, on the same band of wireless communication that we use in our homes for wireless Internet, baby monitors, and digital medical equipment.

Or we can pay CMP $20 (plus $10.50 a month) to install a unit that wirelessly sends data only to CMP using the same technology with the same interference risks.

Or we can pay CMP $40. (plus $12.00 a month) for an electro-mechanical meter with no wireless technology like the meters we have now.

Some people are fine with the smart meters, but since the signals are amplified and omnidirectional, your neighbor’s smart meter can affect your yard and your household.

I rely on the Internet to do my work. I am grateful that no one in my household has a digital medical device, but I don’t want to risk making a decision now that could negatively impact the health and well-being of my family, my guests, and my neighbors today or in the future.

I urge you to learn more about smart meters at www.smartmetersafety.com.

Talk with your neighbors and protect your home and your neighborhood by selecting the electro-mechanical meter with no wireless communication technology. We will all thank you.

Jill Victor